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We have been producing Internet Access Time Management solutions and Internet Cafe Software for over 12 years and have sold our products all over the world.

Our team specialize in timer software and software based control systems for Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/Seven and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit). We supply computer access solutions to hotels, cruise ships, hotels, resorts, exhibitions, showcase, hospitals, schools, libraries, colleges, learning centers, law chambers, youth centers, Cyber Cafes and many other diverse areas of industry. There are a number of Internet Cafe Software and public access timer solutions from a variety of companies in today's market. They vary by their functionality, their look and indeed their stability. Choose wisely and join our ever growing global customer base, choose NetClock Billing Software!

NetClock Internet Cafe Software can supports unlimited client/workstation PCs

NetClock is a software solutions for the operation of an Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Gaming Center, Internet Center or PC rental system. Designed primarily for billing Internet Cafe business and also can be used to control the PCs on your intranet. System functions and user interface has been designed to be easy to use with little or no experience in the computer industry. The software allows you to set up various marketing plans for each user to chose from.

NetClock is Client / Server application which allows you to easily manage and monitor all client machines status remotely from the Server in on-line and in real time. Administrators can just monitor or manage the things at clients easier from the server, such as shutdown, reboot, Wake-up on LAN, force the user to log-out, see the running applications, Remote Virtual Desktop, etc ....

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